Mamanuca Environment Society carried out its first sea water sampling for the year on Wednesday the 14th of May 2014.


Sea water sampling is conducted at every member resort, collecting samples from two sites at each resort. Samples from each site include three parameters to be analyzed; fecal coliform, salinity and nutrients (phosphates and nitrates).

Fecal coliform bacteria generally originate in the intestines of warm- blooded animals. Increased levels of fecal coliforms in sea water poses health risks to humans and marine life. Nutrients (Phosphates & Nitrates) are also tested to determine if there is any waste water or effluent seepage from land. If the nutrients, phosphates and nitrates exceed the acceptable level, this will enhance the growth of algae and seaweed resulting in the corals dying out from the competition. Salinity test on the other hand, is done to determine if there is any freshwater intrusion into the area.

Furthermore, this water sampling will be the first samples that will be analyzed by Water Authority of Fiji. MES would like to thank all the member resorts for all the kind support that assisted in this sampling activity. The next water sampling will be conducted in October.