Our Mission


To promote awareness of the need to protect the marine and terrestrial resources of the Mamanuca Region and to assist, through partnerships with local communities, tourism operators, government and non-government organisations, in the environmentally sustainable development of these resources for the benefit of present and future generations…read more 

To assist in the protection of the Mamanucas natural environment and to enhance the livelihood of communities living and working in the region by:

  • helping conserve the marine and terrestrial biodiversity of the region.
  • ensuring the sustainable use of resources to enhance livelihood.
  • promoting the need for integrated management by all who visit, live and work in the Mamanuca region for a sustainable tourism and community livelihood.

for a sustainable tourism and community livelihood.

Partnerships with the local communities, chiefs and Tikina councils and collaboration with other agencies such as government, international and national NGO’s and tourism operators within the Mamanucas and within Fiji generally are of utmost importance for this organisation to be a success. Education and raising awareness on how to better manage the environment for relevant stakeholders in the Mamanuca area will provide other areas in Fiji with an example from which to learn.