What We Do

The Mamanuca Environment Society has developed a working relationship with stakeholders and provides support for environment and conservation initiatives within the Mamanucas region. It has pursued its aim in assisting members and its local communities to be more considerate of the surrounding ecosystems and how livelihoods are affected if biodiversity is not protected. This has contributed to sustainable tourism in meeting the needs of today’s tourists, whilst at the same time conserve nature and enhancing opportunities for the future.

Working within our mission, MES is committed to seek views and recognise ideas of responsible stakeholders on the best way to advance the region and to ensure benefit in the long term. Our environmental awareness program and projects specifically target behavioural change through educational awareness programs and implementation of best practise policies. 

We do much to promote sustainable practises through member resorts, schools and communities in project areas such as waste management, reef restoration, turtle conservation and sustainable land use to name a few .These initiatives has contributed to the enhancement of human and ecological well being. The Society continues to faces new challenges with its on going projects and provides support and resources to our stakeholders in their development process.


 Awareness Projects


MES promotes greater education for the environment to all who work, visit or stay in the Mamanucas. These programs are conducted through workshops, lectures and taking part in activities organised by a resort or operator, schools and local communities with the Society…Read more…


Reef Awareness Programs for Resorts


Our environment provides sustenance for all. Our member resorts are equipped with awareness programs that aim to in turn educate staff and guests…read more


Mooring Buoy Projects


This is an ongoing project that aims at assisting resorts and villages in the installation and maintenance of moorings buoys. MES assisted Matamanoa Resort in 2004…read more


Reef Check Surveys


Mamanuca Dive Operators Reef Check Network was formed in 2004. Its purpose to monitor subtle environmental changes in the Mamanuca waters. 37 dive sites have been surveyed by MES and…read more


Water Analysis Project


Water quality is an issue that affects the Mamanuca areas in a substantial way. Various changes to the environment have been noticed ranging…read more


Waste Management Project


Every year, the amount of material being taken to outer islands or to homes in our coastal region continues to increase. In past…read more


Turtle Conservation Project


The Society in 2006 included a this new project amongst its existing list of projects, in recognition of the plight this vulnerable creature is facing, and also because of the many breeding…read more


CoTs Control Project


What are CoTs?‘Vulawalu’ is the local name given to the starfish Acanthaster plancii commonly known as Crown-of-Thorns starfish…read more


Clam and Coral Restoration Project


Giant clams are the largest molluscs on Earth capable of reaching 1.4m in length and weighing over 330kg. There are 9 species…read more

Marine Protected Areas


Marine Protected Areas or MPAs have long being recommended as a great tool to conserving resources throughout the world. This is not new in Fiji or the Mamanucas…read more


Projects Areas Map


A map of the Mamanuca Islands Group and local reefs.read more