Enviromental Checklist For Resorts

The aim of this checklist is to limit the impact resorts have on our environment by achieving a set of best practice methods. These are general guidelines and recommendations.

  • Waste Disposal—rubbish separation and proper disposal i.e. plastic bags, cigarette buts, aluminium cans, tins, plastic bottles, glass bottles, batteries, etc should be picked up, separated and sent to mainland for either recycling of correct disposal. No burning of plastics should occur.
  • Energy—minimise the amount of energy used. This means turning off lights/fans/air conditioning units when not in use.
  • Chemicals—proper use of chemicals i.e. cleaning products should not be poured down drains.
  • Water—leaking taps, toilets, pipes should be fixed promptly.
  • Paper—minimise the use of paper and when possible, recycle.