Snorkelling Workshops

Refresher workshops on Best Practices to Watersports Activities and Snorkelling Guidelines are presented to resorts upon their requests. This is mainly targeted at the Activities and Boating staff. The workshop consists of a theory and a practical component and usually covers two days. A new format includes the development of a management plan that seeks to address issues that staff relating to watersports/snorkelling guidance and awareness.

Workshops Purpose

The workshops’ purpose is to train Activities staff on the importance of protecting our coral reefs and marine life, which in turn will help them with their daily work and provide valuable guest education.

Workshops Learning Objectives

By the end of the snorkelling workshop, the Activities staff will be able to:

  • Fit snorkel gear to a guest
  • Teach proper snorkelling techniques
  • Learn advanced snorkelling techniques and basic rescue skills
  • Learn about First Aid Procedures for basic injuries from marine animals
  • Brief and take snorkellers on a snorkel tour
  • Explain about the marine and reef life to resort guests