Clam and Coral Restoration Project

Giant clams are the largest molluscs on Earth capable of reaching 1.4m in length and weighing over 330kg. There are 9 species of giant clams and just like the coral polyp they house the symbiotic algae (zooxanthellae) that provide it with sugars, proteins and also giving it their brilliant colours. Besides the nutrition provided by this algae, clams use their siphon to suck in water and filter out all the nutrients and passing plankton in return supplying corals with clean nutrient free water.

Giant clam restoration is a project that MES initiated in 2005. Baby clams are supplied by the Fisheries Department nursery on Makogai Island to requesting resorts. MES assists in planting these clams at selected sites with the aim of increasing the clam population and also aiding in the coral growth. Clams are housed in cages to keep predators out until they get larger and ready to be placed on the reef.

Mini clam nurseries sites include the house reefs of ; Castaway Island Resort, Tokoriki Island Resort, Treasure Island Resort, South Sea Island, Mana Island Resort and Solevu village house reef.