On the morning of 12th July, Vuda District School was a buzz with last minute preparations for a triple celebration. The school was celebrating Library week, World Environment Day and World Oceans Day.

Poster, model displays, and poetry competitions were held through out the week based on the themes of these three significant days. The Library week theme was “Communities matter at your Library”. World Environment Day and World Oceans Day were celebrated with their respective international themes “Think • Eat • Save” and “We have the Power to Protect the Oceans”

At 9am the school gathered at the assembly area for the start of the day’s program. Led by the schools Head teacher, the school students from kindergarten to class eight lifted our spirits with their beautiful singing. At the end of the third song, the head master delivered a speech, incorporating all the three themes and reminding his school on the importance of working together to achieve the objectives of all three themes.

Followed by a prayer, the program continued with a presentation from the MES facilitating officer on the importance of protecting our oceans and environment. Poetry recital followed. Students recited poems about the ocean with the most passionate, strong and yet innocent delivery of their messages to the audience.

At the end of the poem recital the students dispersed to prepare for what was to be the highlight of the day. With music playing in the background, students put on show their creativity and zest on the catwalk modeling book characters with costumes made from reusable trash. Costumes modeled were those made from waste paper, plastic bags and bottles, sacks and even old compact discs.

The day culminated with the awarding of prizes to the winners of the week long competitions and also the modeling competition.

The program lasted half the day, with the other half dedicated to a cleanup campaign of the school and the surrounding properties.

The day’s program was a successful one as the messages delivered by the students through Art saw fitting for all students, teachers and also parents that turned out in numbers to show their support and contribute to the development of our young minds.

Filomena Serenia