Coral planting awareness was carried out to the Vomo Kids Club attended and the Marine Activities attended on the afternoon on the 16th of June, 2017. The objective of the awareness is to empower the staff on the importance of supporting and carrying conservation programs in the region. The awareness was a follow up request from the staff in relation to the Natural Resource Management Plan which was setup during the Climate Change awareness. From the natural resource management plan, staffs have stated that the marine ecosystem is one of the most impacted ecosystems by climate change.

During the awareness, the participants were taught on how to setup and carry out the coral planting activity. Coral planting is a new concept to the staffs at Vomo due to the fact that they have not taken part nor carry out any coral planting event. Information gathered from the Climate Change awareness, staffs have stated that the reef status is not as the same as ten years ago. Climate change couple with human activities has contributed towards the changes observed in the surrounding reef ecosystem.

The awareness participants were very eager to learn the biology of corals and the ways we can contribute towards their protection. Giant clam restoration program information was also presented to the participants. Most of the participants were surprise to learn information about the variety of clams’ species that is present in the Fiji Waters. There is nine species of clams present in the marine ecosystem all over the world where seven of this species is said to be present in the Fiji waters. Out of the seven clam species, Mamanuca reef ecosystem is home to four clam species and they are Tridacna gigas, Tridacna derasa, Tridacna maxima, and Tridacna squamosa.

“I do really enjoy the awareness as this is the first time I am hearing information about coral conservation program by doing coral planting. Also, I have been eating clams my whole life and surprised to learn that there is more than one species of clams present in the Fiji waters. I will be happy to share the information to my friends, family, and to the kids that conserving or protecting the marine ecosystem is important towards the survival of the community livelihoods and also to the tourism and fisheries industry”, said Ulamila, Kids Club Supervisor.

Vomo Island Resort have dedicated Friday as there Environment Day whereby guests and staffs partake in general beach cleanup and also celebrating upcoming environment world marked events.