Vomo Island Resort is a 5 star luxury private island. It is traditionally owned by the district of Vuda. Vomo Island Resort launched its environment day on Wednesday, 3rd of December 2014. Special programmes were created to best suit the day where guests and staff can engage in. The programme consists of Snorkelling Lessons, Turtle Awareness, Herbal medicine tour and Island Clean up. MES facilitators Ilisapeci and Mere attended the launch of the environment programme.

The programme started with guided snorkel at 11am where 1 guest and 5 staff were engaged in. Before snorkelling Ili gave brief guidelines on snorkelling practices, reef fishes, coral reefs and mostly things to be aware of while snorkelling. The best Snorkelling experience in Vomo is at the “Coral Garden” which was enjoyed and studied by guest and staff on the day. According to guest Juliette Bersavo, he said that he saw a massive wrasse which is listed as an endangered species in Fiji but what attracted him the most were pristine coral reefs and variety of fish.

Turtle talk was held near the resort turtle pond where Ilisapeci highlighted on the Mamanuca Turtle Conservation Project, Turtle Moratorium, Turtle Facts and Nesting season. According to Mr Ameet, “Being the head of kitchen department, I have to be aware of the size limits of fish we bring into the kitchen,” Information provided on Size limits for coastal fisheries booklets answered Mr Ameets queries. This was followed by the Herbal medicine tour and plant identification. The main aim of this activity was to give guests and staff an idea on the significance of these trees and their medicinal purposes.

At 5 O’clock all resort staffs including all head of resort departments and 4 guests engaged in an island clean up. Rubbish collected included cans, plastic bottles, Styrofoam packs, washed up debris etc. “This is great fun,” stated by guest Rodney Percival. General Manager, Mark Leslie gave a vote of thanks to all guests, MES facilitators and resort staffs for their effort on the day.

The society is looking forward to introducing some more environment initiatives and projects to Vomo Island Resort that will promote an environmentally sustainable tourism.