A particular village in the Mamanucas are calling on the authorities concerned to remove a wreck that has been an eye sore for the region for the past fourteen months. Tavua village in the Mamanucas as owners of the I qoliqoli where the stranded vessel lies are now calling on the government to do something about the derelict vessel.

The long line vessel Lu Rong 2221 which is owned is by Hangton Pacific Fiji Ltd, operating out of Walu Bay in Suva is currently sitting near the Mamanuca Barrier reef and calls for its removal have continued to fall on deaf ears. Mamanuca Environment Society Project Manager, Alifereti Qauqau, says that such lack of action towards any salvaging operation by the owners, and the lack of stringent measures from authorities is an indication of how much we care for the environment that sustains us. “Its disappointing and discouraging to see that government has not done anything to force the relevant persons to salvage their vessel”, say Mr. Qauqau.