The Mamanuca Environment Society (MES) is grateful to have received yet another set of funding from the Embassy of the United States of America, Pacific Regional Environment Office Environment, Science, Technology and Health Small Grant program. This followed the completion of the project focused on Building Resilience to Climate change and Natural Resource Management in the Mamanuca Islands.

This is a one-year project titled: “Enhancing Sustainable Tourism through Environment Protection in the Mamanuca Islands” where the area of focus will be Maintaining Biodiversity and Health Ecosystems.

Unsustainable management of resources in correlation with extreme climatic events has led to the destruction of habitats and decline of marine and terrestrial species whilst threatening livelihoods of island communities.

“With an increase in number of visitors to the region as well as a population number in the communities of the Mamanuca region, we need to work in unity and  advocate the need to protect our natural resources and promote our rich and unique biodiversity,” said Marica Vakacola, MES Project Manager

The project also aims to continue its partnership with schools, communities and resorts in upskilling local knowledge and allowing stakeholders the opportunity to learn about the importance of sustainable tourism through environment protection and letting them take ownership of the actions they can take to maintain these natural resources.

Through this project we work towards achieving SDG Goals 13,14 and 15, added Mrs Vakacola.

At the same time, this educational program also focuses on building the resiliency of the villages to reduce exposure and sensitivity to climate change.

The Mamanuca Environment Society is committed to the promotion of awareness of the need to protect the marine and terrestrial resources of the Mamanuca Region and to assist in the environmentally sustainable development of these resources for the benefit of present and future generations.

MES would like to thank the Pacific Regional Environment Office team at the US Embassy in Suva for their financial support towards the organization.


MES will continue with the consultation process with partners and relevant stakeholders and hold awareness workshops  during this first project phase.