During the Tikina Malolo Sea Turtle Awareness workshop a program was also prepared to target the school students currently on school break in both Solevu and Yanuya village. School was an added stakeholder to the Mamanuca Sea Turtle Conservation project at the begin of this second phase.

The students program was conducted in the evening after the first day of workshop in both villages of Solevu and Yanuya. In Solevu 22 students attended the evening program while 62 students attended the program in Yanuya village. The program saw participation from pre-school to secondary school students who were eager to learn more about sea turtles.

The two hours program was aimed at sharing information and learning about the different types of sea turtles, their life cycle, threats and their importance. The student’s took part in the various activities designed to help them learn about sea turtles and their importance to our coral reefs and its biodiversity. Students at Yanuya were introduced to the CEN – Introduction to natural resource management toolkit, where students highlighted the stories told in the pictures that were distributed to them. Learning about sea turtles was also made fun through games, where students completed tasks at each station within 4 minutes, before moving on to the other three stations. By completing all the four stations, students have completed tasks on types of sea turtles, turtle life cycles, threats to sea turtles and biodiversity. Students also watched three animated clips of sea turtles. At the end of the videos, refreshments were provided.

MES would like to thank the student’s and parents for participating and supporting the Mamanuca Sea Turtle Conservation Project.