A rare green turtle during Mamanuca Enviroment Society school exchange programme
THERE is a need for awareness and education on the current bans imposed on turtle harvesting, says a marine environment organisation.
Applauding the actions of Jordan Mar who purchased a green turtle last week and saved its life, Mamanuca Environment Society projects manager Betani Salusalu said the harvesting of turtles continued to take place despite the legislation in place to protect and conserve them as an endangered species.
“The legislation is in place and enforcement is the key issue here. Awareness and education are key elements required to inform the grassroots level on why there is a ban imposed on harvesting, selling or killing sea turtles,” he said.
Mr Salusalu said the distribution of resources and information should filter to all levels of society including stakeholders.
“Our local population should be challenged by Mr Mar’s passion and interest in saving endangered species,” he said.
“The conservation of turtles is very important and it is a law in our country that people need to understand and abide by,” he said.
He called onthe public to play a role in distributing information on the ban on turtle harvesting so others could be informed and encouraged to save the endangered species.