The Secretariat of the Pacific Regions Environment Programme (SPREP) has finally announced the winner of the Challengecoralreef competition.

Congratulations to St Joseph’s Catholic Secondary School of Solomon Islands who scoped the overall winner prize. A lucky participant will be chosen to represent the school at the International Coral Reef Symposium staged in Florida at the end of the year.

In recognition of their hard work and enthusiasm through out the competition, all other competing schools were awarded a runners-up prize of USD 200 in cash.

To all the champions of coral reef conservation who participated in the competition, we the MES and Namamanuca Primary School would like to congratulate you and applaud your efforts. A word of advice, keep on keeping on for the sake of our coral reefs and our future.

Many thanks are due SPREP for the marvelous opportunity given Namamanuca Primary School and MES to be participants of such educational and fulfilling activities. The competition has left a lasting impression in the minds of the children and all those who helped out in the competition.

Vinaka Vaka Levu!!!