MES conducted its second community engagement with an organised cleanup campaign on the village of Solevu. The five member team led by MES Project Officer Soropepeli Seru left Port Denarau and headed for Solevu for a day long session of community engagement. Gratitude goes out to the Castaway Resort management and marine activities crew for organising the team’s transportation to the village and back to the resort.

The team was thrilled as we were taken on board the high speed outboard “Qalito Dua”. Catching a glimpse of the breath taking island surroundings from sea and experiencing one of the best rides on a speed boat was truly an adventure. And it was only a matter of few minutes till we reached the shores of Solevu. It was low tide when we reached the village. The team was also accompanied by activities staff Mr Sevula who made the trip more fun and interesting.

Upon arrival, 27 children and 3 adults including the village headman were waiting for the team. So without wasting any second the clean up began. Garbage bags, sacks and gloves were distributed to the children and all went to start picking up rubbish and trash along the beach. This rubbish was those that cannot be disposed in the island for instance plastic and glass bottles, plastic wrappers, clothes, containers and etc. The clean up started from the school end part of the beach and ended on the far side of the island towards Musket Cove Resort.

Participants were eager to clean up the beach as it was part of the village surrounding and keeping it clean was important as it was also the first place tourist visitors will see when visiting. With the help of the team facilitating in the clean up, the activity ceased an hour later and all participants were treated to light refreshment provided by MES. A total of 37 bags were collected thanks to the collaboration of the team and the villagers. Village headman had also advised the team that the village will see to the   transportation of the trash collected to mainland and onto the proper dumping site.

The team headed back to the resort at around 1pm for the next organised program which was the underwater clean up.