Mamanuca Environment Society with Castaway Island Resort, a founding member of the society, had the privilege of showcasing the conservation initiative they have been engaged in at Qalito Island. Visited by the Singapore Media Group who was keen to learn more on the marine conservation work, the group attended a guided snorkeling tour to the coral nursery. Acropora corals which are a high tolerant coral species to high water temperature are mainly used during the monthly environment programs. The coral nursery is located at the reef drop off next to the main channel. The group did enjoy the snorkeling guided tour and was amazed to see corals growing on the table and fishes swimming alongside the nursery.

“I am very happy to see that coral planting activity is working in a sense that corals are growing well in this weather condition given the fact that Climate Change is playing a big role in the coral in mortality rate”, said Miss Philadelphia Ying Siew.

Miss Siew also gathered information on climate change issues in the region and was interested to know how the communities are adapting to these changes. Miss Siew was interested on works carried out by MES on Climate Change in the Mamanuca region but was pleased to hear stories and projects update.

Also part of the program was guided bushwalk and the group was shown on the different native tree species native to Qalito. Qalito Island is identified in the region as one of the remaining island with rich dry forest cover.

MES would like to thank the Management at Castaway the opportunity to promote the conservation work that the society and Castaway is doing in the region to media personal from overseas.

“This is a great platform to showcase the conservation effort made by the staff and guest to the region or maybe to the world in promoting a greener and healthy environment”, said Mr. Mataiyaga.

MES looks forward to hosting more media group in future and help spread the news on sustaining community livelihood and tourism through environmental protection efforts that is being carried out in the Mamanuca region.