Each year, around 3,000 preschools, kindies, primary and high schools across Australia take part in Schools Tree Day. Students nation-wide learn how to plant, and care for the seedlings they grow.

Namamanuca Primary School and Mana Island Resort adopted the Australian school tree day, and marked the event on Friday July 24th locally with their students, teachers and staff.

At Namamanuca Primary School, the day was facilitated by MES Marine and Education Officer, Filomena Serenia, who did a presentation at the school on the theme Mitigate Climate Change – Plant a Tree Today! Students in the build up to the event have been preparing poems, posters and models about trees, which were all presented during the celebration.

Carbon dioxide is one of the main green house gases that contribute to climate change. Forests mitigate climate change. It acts as a carbon sink by removing carbon dioxide from the atmosphere. We can support the removal of carbon dioxide from the atmosphere by increasing forest areas, planting more trees and by providing a healthy environment for trees to regenerate.

On Mana Island Resort, the Program was an outdoor afternoon session, under the Mana Kids Club trees. The program kicked off at 2:10pm with a welcoming speech by Mr Seru Naitau. Mr Naitau was joined by 3 staffs from the Kids Club, 1 from the Marine department and 3 from the activities. There were 11 students in class 7 from Mana SDA School that were present on the day along with 5 young guests.

Following MR Naitau’s welcoming speech was the briefing conducted by MES staff Ilisapeci Botevou and volunteer Mere Rokosawa. After the briefing, 5 students from Mana SDA School recited their poems about trees. 11 plants were each planted by the 5 young guests together with the 11 students from Mana SDA to mark the event.

‘This is a great initiative, and I am willing to help you (MES) in your education program” said Mrs Kate Rivers, a teacher at Rangi Ruru Girls School, Christchurch, New Zealand where she teachers Sustainability to girls year 7-13.

Refreshments and games were organized by the Kids Club and the day ended around 3:30pm