The beginning of the year also marked the kick off of the school program organised and run by the MES. The school program has been an annual program set up by MES to incorporate knowledge of protecting our environment in the school curriculum thus creating awareness amongst our children on the importance of the environment.

Targeting the senior grades classes seven the program which is being run in the five different schools throughout the Mamanuca and Yasawa group doesn’t lack its influence on the younger grades as they also show an interest in taking part in the environment program. These schools include Namara Primary School, Ratu Lalabalavu Memorial Secondary School, Mana SDA, Malolo District, and Namamanuca Primary School.

The first Environment School Program visit began on Monday 26th January in Mana SDA where MES staff Filomena Serenia carried out the first one hour class in this year’s school program.

The school program also commenced at Malolo District on the morning of Wednesday and also in Ratu Lalabalavu in the afternoon. Likewise Namamanuca Primary School on Yanuya Island had its first school program class on Wednesday which was carried out by MES staff Ilisapeci Botevou. This year also sees the inclusion of the first school in the Yasawa group of islands, Namara Primary School situated in Waya Lailai Island. Moreover with this new inclusion there have also been talks on the preparation of a Pre-Schoolers Environmental School Program.

Apart from the incorporation of knowledge and awareness on the environment MES staff also organize celebrations for world mark events on their Environment Calendar such as International Day of Forest, World Water Day and Meteorological Day where the children take part in activities organised by MES and the school.