The California State University Monterey Bay Wild land studies will be visiting the Mamanuca Group of islands on the month of June to undertake a programme of field study with a view towards the understanding about the island’s ecosystems, how resources are used, the environmental challenges and conservation .

Here are their stories:

Jenny Keene is a New Zealander involved in educational and ecological restoration projects in Fiji, New Zealand and the USA. She is currently in Fiji as Lead Instructor setting up the California State University Monterey Bay ‘Preserving Island Environments’ 2015 field course, with a focus in the Mamanucas. Jenny has continuing involvement in ecological restoration in New Zealand, predominantly in habitat re-establishment and the re- introduction of threatened species, co-ordinating community involvement in resource protection programs, and leading freshwater wetland restoration efforts.ENVS_370__Enviro_Wildlands_Studies___Cal_State_Monterey_Bay

Rob Parker is a New Zealander with diverse environmental interests in Fiji and New Zealand. Rob is currently involved with California State University Monterey Bay as Logistics Co-ordinator for Fiji field classes, and also has on-going connections with coastal biodiversity enhancement projects in the South Island of New Zealand. Rob has a background of project management, boat-building, practical engineering and plant nursery operation, specializing in growing species for challenging New Zealand conditions. He is also an experienced single-handed ‘blue water’ sailor, and is currently based on his sloop Il Silenzio, getting to know the waters around Fiji.

MES is looking forward to working together with Jenny and Rob over the next month to develop this education to schools and communities here in the Mamanuca Group.