MES was very fortunate to be part of the special composting workshop which was held at Navini Island Resort on the 13th of June 2016. The workshop was organized by Navini Island Resort which was facilitated by Dr. Mary Cole, Director, and Principle Scientist for Agpath Consultant Mycologist/Plant Pathologist based in Victoria Australia. The workshop was attended by MES staff, interested participants from Sigatoka Valley farming community, Conservation Officer Nadroga District, Nadi Town Council Health Inspector rep, resort staff of Navini Island Resort and Agriculture teachers from Ratu Lalabalavu Memorial School, Malolo Island

The workshop focused on setting up simple compost using natural resources and how to prepare compost soil ready for garden use. Dr. Cole highlighted the importance and the role of thermal aerobic aerated compost in obtaining high-quality manure if present during the composting process. A simple guideline on setting up compost was taught to the participants together with the benefits they can achieve once well monitored.

The highlight of the workshop was the practical component whereby participants took part in setting up a composting bin using any green waste available around Navini Island. It was a new concept for the participants with dry seaweed and chicken waste added to the compost. The activity was a successful one where the compost mix ratio of carbon to nitrogen was in range. The keynote that was conveyed to the participants on achieving high-quality manure is to control the temperature of the compost pile.

According to Ilisapeci, MES Project Officer, the lesson learnt will be shared with resorts and communities in better-utilizing resources available around them and putting them into good use. MES would like to thank Navini Island Resort management for allowing the MES representative to attend an eye-opening and educational workshop which can be implemented into respective island/school/resort based project.