Co-ordination of national campaigns will be an area to demonstrate global commitment on how we can protect our environment from pollution.

This was a collective submission made by participants at the national faith based environment stewardship summit held in Sigatoka on April 5th.

Department of Environment director Jope Davetanivalu said these outcomes would show the sign of committed responsibility to better environment stewardship.

“We can work alone in addressing these issues on the protection of environment, however we need your assistance and partnership to mitigate climate change at national level,” Mr Davetanivalu said.

“This summit will also be building platform for interfaith to work with Government in the networking and the co-ordination of national campaigns.”

Minister for Local Government Samuela Saumatua said the finalization of the outcome statement which was presented this morning would be followed up in a meeting to endorse an action plan.

Arya Samaj delegate Satish Kumar said we needed more co-ordination in this area to be able to work collectively.

“Climate change is no longer an issue we can hide away and we need to work together so our future generation will be able to live in a healthy environment free from sea-level rise and flash flooding,” Mr Kumar said.

The summit ended today with the national aim of spreading word to the people that climate change can be controlled through partnership from the various agencies.