On the morning of 30th July, Namamanuca Primary was a buzz of activities with final preparations for the opening of the schools newly installed solar system. The 4600W solar panel array will provide more than enough all day electricity for the 148 students and seven teachers of Namamanuca Primary School.

The initiative by Time Foundation is replacing diesel generators in schools with solar panels with the mission of achieving more education with less carbon emissions. Time Foundations has installed and completed several solar system projects throughout schools in Fiji. These include Natusara Primary School, Wainimakutu Primary and High Schools, Lavena Primary School in Taveuni and as far as Kioa Island Primary to name a few. The project also aims at an income generation for the school. At Namamanuca Primary School, money saved from fuel costs, will be channelled into transitioning and upgrading the schools computer education and resources that facilitate it.

Namamanuca Primary School was fortunate to have diverse donations from various operators and businesses like Denarau Marina Fiji, Lulu’s Café Fiji, Budget Pharmacy Fiji and Tokoriki Island Resort. At the opening ceremony, Tokoriki owner, Andrew Turnbull in support of this great initiative, pledged to match every dollar to the schools fuel savings. MES was fortunate also to be invited along with other guests from the Ministry of Education, Sponsors and Donors to the opening ceremony to be part and witness to one of its participating schools commitment to Sustainable Development and Renewable Energy.

MES would like to congratulate Namamanuca Primary School head teacher Mr Kitione Turagabeci and the school management for the great thought in providing clean energy to the village school and at the same time adapting to impacts of climate change by using renewable energy. Special Vinaka Vakalevu for the Time Foundation and its partners for supporting this great initiative.

Namamanuca Solar system