The Nadroga Navosa Provincial office hosted the Yaubula Day at Nahigatoka Village targeting traditional leaders. With the theme “A Good Spiritual Governance Empowered Stewardship on Natural Resources the Provincial office would like to highlight the significance importance of protecting the existing land and ocean resources for the present and future generation. Traditional leaders from the 22 districts attended the program and representative from government agencies in West and conservation organisations presented on the day.

The support from the Vanua is paramount in any conservation initiatives and they are targeted to take leading roles in the sustainable management of the resources that supports the community livelihood that were once practised by the elders.

MES Project Manager, Marica Vakacola presented on the conservation initiatives within the Tikina Malolo Villages. She acknowledged the continuous support of the Vanua Lawa and resort members on the environment ground work that spearheads the conservation of the Yaubula of Malolo. She added on her presentation on the need for the Yaubula Management Support Teams  engagement and spearheading convers and support in taking ownership of these conservation works.

Adherents of the Nadroga Navosa Provincial Council have signed an agreement that ensures the safeguard of their natural resources. The traditional leaders initiated their support on the day with the first “Yaubula Day” where Environment groups like the Mamanuca Environment Society, Fiji Locally Managed Marine Network, Ministry of Fisheries, and Ministry of Environment were also part of the environment focused event in Nahigatoka Village.

“We are very grateful that the council came to an agreement through the members that we have to protect our natural resources,” these were the words of FLMMA Western Engagement Officer, Kiniviliame Ravonoloa.

“There have been a lot of developments happening and we need our chiefs and leaders to support our move to protect what we have been blessed with,” he added.

MES hopes to share on the more outcomes of the work done in the Malolo District in the 2018 Yaubula Day.