The Ministry of Lands and Mineral Resources will be implementing stronger measures to ensure that land development in the country does not damage the environment.

The Ministry’s acting permanent secretary Tevita Boseiwaqa said that the Ministry will prioritise several critical areas in which they can improve on, particularly as a facilitator for economic development.

“We will strengthen our monitoring mechanism to ensure land development processes are adhered to before issuing any development lease or before any land development takes place”, Mr Boseiwaqa said.

Outlining his Ministry’s targeted outputs for year, Mr Boseiwaqa pointed out that bureaucracy has been a cause in delays in their services.

“In view of this, with the Ministry’s new vision in mind, Our Lands and Minerals; Smart Management for Growth, we are going to lay a platform to achieve this by tapping all available opportunities within our reach; through staff capacity building, pursing relevant government reforms and policy initiatives, keeping up with modern technologies, promoting a corporate culture and divisional empowerment through delegation of authority and staff strengthening”,  Mr. Boseiwaqa said.