MES received a timely donation for the reef check survey from Russel Kelly, the author of the Indo-Pacific Coral Finder. The Indo-Pacific Coral Finder is a 34 page robust plastic book that can be used underwater (or topside), facilitates identification of 66 of the most common Indo-Pacific hard coral genera, and 5 additional groups easily confused with hard corals gives the name of the coral genus in about a minute and requires little reference to text (


Author, Russell Kelly describes the book as “a proven, practical underwater coral identification tool that allows anyone to identify hard corals to their genus level anywhere in the ocean. Development of the Indo-Pacific Coral Finder was supported by the Australian Coral Reef Society. MES relies a lot on the use of the Coral Finder to identify corals during Reef Check surveys. In the past MES team shared one coral finder, with Russells kind donation MES now have more than enough copies with added bonus receiving two copies of the Coral Finder second edition.


MES is grateful for the timely donation. Vinaka Russel Kelly!