World Environment Day is celebrated annually to elevate the critical importance of the natural environment. At the same time, raise awareness on issues such as waste management, losses of ecosystem services, deforestation, increasing global warming and their impacts on human health and wellbeing.

Take a deep breath and observe nature today!!!! Imagine the world without the beautiful nature.  The world environment day is significant for nature and the environment natural and physical; this was the message from the Minister of Environment, Honorable Praveen Kumar.

The Ministry of Local Government, Housing and Environment through the Department of Environment hosted the World Environment Day at Lautoka Churchill Park where all town councils from Fiji, line ministries were part of the event.

Booths were set up for displays where invited organizations and councils showcase their projects, conservation efforts and initiatives that elevate the importance of the environment. Schools around the Lautoka Division approached with interests on what the day is all about.

The Mamanuca Environment Society booth showcases on School Programme Eco Club Initiatives, Turtle Conservation Project, Endemic & Endangered species, Climate Change Project and Reforestation Initiatives. Students desired to know more on the turtle conservation efforts.

Celebrating World Environment Day is a way forward for people to take a step back and enjoy the natural beauty and the goods and services provided by nature.

Mr Kumar urged the people of Fiji to get connected with the environment understand and protect it from little threats.

MES hopes that people will be more involved in what is going around and best wishes on future environment endeavours.