The Mamanuca Turtle Conservation Project has not only being dubbed to concentrate on resorts and villages but school as well.


This was materialized as MES was present to conduct and extend the knowledge of the project to the students and teachers in partnership with University of Fiji (Saweni Campus).
Represented by MES Marine Awareness and Education Officer, Filomena Serenia talked to the students elucidating details about the breakdown of the project. Not only that, part of her presentation covered the biology of turtles including the different species, their lifecycle, information on nesting, breeding and foraging sites and also how there are some major changes to the livelihood of our sea turtles in relation to climate change.
The presentation also covered pieces on the procedures that the society has taken in dealing with the project to each level. As turtle monitoring and conservation is just as important in protecting all necessary backgrounds of the species livelihood, listeners were addressed on the Fiji Turtle Moratorium. The Fiji Turtle Moratorium prohibits the sale, killing and molesting of sea turtles, its eggs and the disturbance of nesting beaches.
Many students, the presentation has extended their knowledge about the moratorium since many of them were unaware of the content or existence of the moratorium till it was presented to them. Priyatma Sing the university’s Biology and Chemistry lecturer acknowledged the depth of the information’s presented to the students. “It’s something positive, making them aware about the moratorium and the need to protect turtles at this stage of their lives so that when they grow up they can be good role models in enforcing the protection of this unique reptile”, she said.
The presentation also broadens the knowledge of the students as many of them are currently undertaking Biology and Chemistry courses with relation in Biodiversity. The ideas presented does give them insights on how one of the world’s longest living marine creature plays an important role in keeping and maintaining balance within the marine ecosystem.