The end of the second school Term also meant the end of the MES Environment Program for 2014. The Environment program is conducted in a course of two school terms. Four mainland schools that participated in the Term two program included Ratu Nemani Memorial School, Vuda District School, Nabila Public School and TA Learning Center.

The Term 2 Environment School Program started on the 19th of May and ended on the 8th of August. During the eleven week program, students were engaged in learning about the environment, the surrounding natural ecosystems, and current environment issues like climate change. Special events were incorporated into the program, and this was the marking of World Ocean Day, World Environment Day and World Turtle Day. These world marked events were celebrated in the four schools with poster, poetry, coloring and art and craft competitions.

Targeted participants of the Environment Program were mostly class seven students, however this did not stop the much younger ones from joining the program, TA Learning Center had participants as young as class three students. At the end of the eleven weeks, participants are assessed on the program, and also provide the team with an evaluation. Participants are then awarded a certificate of Completion at the end of the program.

The Term two school program at the mainland schools was a challenging one with busy schedules for the MES team, however the program was completed successfully with all four schools before the end of the term.

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