MES conducted its bi-annual water sampling for the second phase of the year on the 16th of October, 2013. The annual water sampling is one of MES’s focal events which look at the issues affecting water quality within our member resorts and the surrounding Mamanuca area.

Maintaining the Water quality in relation to human contact, health of ecosystems and drinking water is paramount in Sustainable tourism.

The importance of conducting water sampling will determine if the parameters tested are within the acceptable limits for coral growth, human contact and drinking water.  The Mamanuca Environment team collect sea water samples from all their eleven member resorts and these samples are then taken to the Institute of Applied Science Laboratory at the University of the South Pacific for analysis. Parameters analysed include faecal coliform bacteria, salinity and nutrients- phosphates and nitrates.

MES staff was evenly allocated resorts ensuring that all surveys were done under proper sampling techniques.

MES would like to thank its members  for  their great  assistance in providing sampling bottles and boat transfers during the second phase of MES bi-annual water sampling which  was successfully completed with the reports to be disseminated to members soon.