Matamanoa Island Resort is more than just romantic .

Resort manager Patrick Wong said the resort’s eco-friendly stance in maintaining nature’s perfect balance has proved to be the main charming factor.

And their partnership with MES has helped them in creating a unique environmental philosophy with the future of the resource owners in mind.

Mr Wong, a former chairman of Tourism Fiji agreed that the environment and ecosystem on and around Matamanoa Island is important for long term benefits for the resort and the local community.

“We enjoy a geographic spread of visitors to our shores who are looking for clean clear crystal waters with a pristine environment. Being a member of MES, we are able to work in partnership with the local community and the resource owners with MES as the experts; we educate not only the local community, but our employees and visitor to our shores in monitoring the conservation of our marine ecosystem to protect our pristine environment.

“MES also carries out half year water analysis of water samples from the surrounding waters of the resort. The analytical result proved to be very usefully in keeping up monitoring our environmental friendly practices.”

Mr Wong indicated that Matamanoa Island Resort is committed to reducing its impact on the environment and marine ecosystem.

He said they are are committed to comply with all applicable environment regulations and to prevent pollution whenever possible through training on their environment program to empower the staff to link their environment commitment to the visitors.

Mr Wong also revealed that fringing reefs around the resorts has regenerated with increasing reef fish stocks and other marine life despite the on-going threat of heavy swells from the North and the South Easterly wind.

“The Matamanoa’s reefs are at a very healthy level as the surrounding fringing reefs around the island are a “Marine Sanctuary”-in partnership with the Resources Owners and local community. There is much movement in the change and shift of the foreshore affected by heavy swells, depending on the weather pattern at the time of the year.

“Cots, Crown of Thorns Starfish are an on-going threat and we have programmes in place for their eradication. Our Marine Sanctuary will be boosted with 40 juvenile giant clams as part of our “Giant Clam Project” from Makogai Island in partnership of the Department of Fisheries and MES,” added Mr Wong.

Clad with dense bush and palm trees, the brilliance of the vegetation contrasts magnificently with the white curved sandy beach and pristine coral reefs, Matamanoa Island is also a nesting heaven for Wedge-Tail Shearwater or Puffinus Pacificus.