World Water Day and International Day of Forests are world Marked events celebrated by the United Nations and the world on 21st and 22nd March respectively to raise awareness on two of the most important resources in our lives today. While the world acknowledges the marked event in masses, schools in the Mamanuca Group of Islands showed that you’re neither too small nor too tiny to make an impact towards the greater good for human wellbeing.

Pledging to protect their drinking water and to plant trees the primary school students of Schools located in the Malolo and Mamanuca group of islands celebrated the World Environment Day and International Day of Forest together from Monday March 23rd– March 27th.

Namamanuca Primary School, Malolo District School, Ratu Lalabalavu Memorial College, Mana SDA School and the new inclusion of the first school in the Yasawa Group of Islands Namara Village School located in Waya Lailai marked these two events facilitated by MES.

World Water Day

World Water Day

The schools began the program with an introduction to the World marked events where a presentation was carried out by MES giving students an insight on the importance of water and forest resources, its threats and the water cycle followed by an introduction to the clean school program which was presented by representatives from the Nadi Town Council Nafiza Ali and Tomohiko Nakadaria, on how to recycle paper and bottles by using their rubbish for art and craft activities to beautify their schools.

The students then dispersed to their working groups which involved colouring, screen printing, painting, pledging, story telling and singing water songs for the younger classes which included the kindergarteners while the higher classes 5-8 took part in solving water math’s problems, comprehension, poster making and poetry writing. Then at the end of the day they all took part in water games and presentation of prizes.

Master Sefa Gauna, the head teacher for Mana SDA School, said that these kinds of celebrations are good for the children as it helps to build their skills and confidence in public speaking and was a good change to the usual indoor learning that they are used to.

“The program and celebration also gave students a chance for exposure” stated by Mr Roshil Kumar a teacher at Namara Village School who assisted the student council in organizing a program to host the Mamanuca Environment Society for the celebration which was a very successful program.

The MES team would like to thank Castaway, Likuliku and Malolo for the kind sponsorship for the celebrations.