Mana Island Resort & Spa is situated in the heart of the Mamanuca group, only 32km West of Nadi and is situated on a 300 Acre lush tropical paradise, amongst white sandy beaches and crystal clear water. It is known to be the largest resort in the Mamanuca Islands and the resort is Japanese owned.

Mana island resort hosted a group of students called the Takanezawa group. The group consisted of 9 -16 year olds. MES was invited to speak to the student’s about the conservation efforts in the Mamanuca region. A presentation was conducted on the various projects MES is engaged in, with emphasis of on the Mana turtle rehabilitation pond.

The presentation was conducted in the conference room, with a word of welcome by marine staff Mr Yoshi who was also there to translate to Japanese for Ili and Koli during the presentation. There was a good turn out from the guests which saw 21 guests and 15 children from the Takanezawa group.

The group then took part in the coral planting led by MES before the coral planting activity MES staff Ilisapeci and Mere briefed the students on the on the steps of coral planting and its importance in the marine ecosystem. The group planted 39 corals.


Mana-Island-Resort-and-SpaOn the same day, MES staff; Koli, Janice and Asenaca carried out reef check. The reef check program is conducted for all MES members. The reef check is a survey which tries to determine the health status of a reef system. At the end of the Takanezawa group activity, facilitators Mere and Ilisapeci continued onto another consultation with the Yaro Levu village headman. The consultation was to touch base on the upcoming turtle conservation programs to be carried out with the Yaro Levu community.

MES looks forward to a great year of conservation work with Mana island resort and Yaro Levu community.