Mana Island Resort together with Mamanuca Environment Society was able to establish a weekly Environment day program for guest to take part.

The whole day program is informative and educational for in house guests visiting projects sites that the Environment team looks after.

According to Assistant Operation Manager, Mr Naitau, the program is an awareness tool in promoting conservation initiatives that the resort is engaged in.

Guests come to Mana Island not only for holiday destination but also to learn and contribute in activities such as tree planting and restoring the reef surrounding the island. That is very important,” said Mr Naitau.

Mamanuca Environment Society Assistant Project manager Marica Vakacola said the program was introduced at the beginning of August and has been a great success with guest participation numbers increase every week.

This special program covers nature tours to different sites within the resort with briefing and demonstration by Activity staffs. The program includes visit to the organic and hydroponic farm, turtle watch, briefing on best- snorkeling practice, coral planting demonstration and visit to the in house reef coral tables and giant clam cages.

It is not only for the resort guests to enjoy the beauty of nature, swimming in crystal waters, sun bathing in white sandy beaches and the shades from native vegetation but also learn and be part of Environment Project team initiatives in conserving and sustainability managing natural resources,” said Mrs Vakacola.

The Activities staffs went through serious of training organized by the Mamanuca Environment Society staffs before the program started. They were given practical training, visited activity sites and provided with material that would assist them when conducting briefing to guest.

According to Mana Assistant Operation Manager, Mr Seru Naitau “The days are totally dedicated to both marine and terrestrial environment activities around the resort area.”

The idea of introducing these programs is not only to highlight to guest the project that Mana E team is engaged in but also the world how we value nature and conservation and sustainable practice are the key in maintaining the pristine environment,” he adds.