The World Wetland Day celebration serves as an important reminder that we must focus on protecting wetlands as they play a crucial role in the ecosystem by:

  • Preventing flooding by absorbing water.
  • Ensuring that the soil provides a unique breeding ground for vegetation that feed fish.
  • Giving shelter to animals.
  • Purifying water by removing sediment.

Mamanuca Environment Society worked closely with several of its member resorts in celebrating the world marked events. At Mana Island Resort and Spa, the celebrations were held in conjunction with its monthly E – DAY. This event was celebrated on the 2nd of February 2016. Beach Clean Up was the activity of the day to mark the event. A short briefing by MES on the significance of the world mark event highlighting the best practices and conservation efforts that needs to be undertaken to preserve wildlife in wetland ecosystem. The program went well where 23 participants including 8 children from Kids Club Department who were part of the programme. It was found out that there were lots of trashes like, Styrofoam, empty cans, glass bottles etc.

The programme ended with Refreshments and vote of thanks from MES and hopes to engage more staff on activities like this.

Mamanuca Environment Society hopes to continue to promote the importance of sustainable management of natural resources through education and best practices in resorts and local communities including schools in the Mamanuca region.