Marine and terrestrial resources play a very important role in maintaining biological balance. To date, most of these resources are at risk. The risk may be from either natural or human disturbances. Coral reefs are a classical example. In Fiji coral reefs cover an area of 10, 020 km² with 68% of it are at risk. Resort operators in the Mamanuca’s are taking a step forward in restoring and protecting natural ecosystems through various environment projects.

For Mana Island Resort & Spa, E-day is dedicated to environment projects. Activities range from coral planting, beach and underwater clean up. There were two E-day’s on Mana in July. On 3rd July, the program was scheduled at 10.20am. Held at the North Beach boat bure, Filomena Serenia- MES Marine Awareness and Education Officer was accompanied by five volunteers; Saketa Rabuatoka, Varea Romanu, Merewairita Liku, Mere Rokosawa and Leba Digitaki. The briefing for the coral planting process was conducted by Filomena whilst the volunteers assisted the Mana Kids Club members and school children that were present. 27 corals were planted on that day. The MES team then assisted the Mana marine activities team carrying the table to the allocated area on the reef. The 24th July E-day event was facilitated by Soropepeli Seru – MES Project Officer. Mana Kids club members took part in the coral planting and beach cleanup. After a briefing on importance of coral reefs, the kids got a chance to plant their very own corals. Certificates were presented in the evening by the General Manager.

Mana E-day for the 6th August was a significant one. The program had special guests in the attendance of children from the Motu Kindergarten. The Motu kindergarten from the island of Tavua, Mana SDA kindergarten and Mana Kids Club were part of the program. Motu Kindie’s were on an excursion celebrating Fiji Pre-school week, with a trip to Mana Island coinciding with Mana E-day program. Facilitated by Merewairita Liku – MES attaché Liku conducted the usual briefing, before proceeding to the coral planting. Again the Kindies got a special treat, and that is planting their very own coral. A total of 36 coral cookies were planted on the day. Motu Kindies were awarded with certificates presented by the Mana Island Resort General Manager Ulrich Hoffgen, in appreciation for their participation in the E-day.

Special days with great initiatives towards our environment, engaging the community especially our children is instilling important values for our future Environment Stewards.

Mana E -day