It was a day of giving back to the environment at Mana Island as they held their E- day.


The occasion is not new to the resort and has always been part of the resort program catering for the luxurious surrounding of Mana.
The event of the day was marine themed and was scheduled as a half day event. Hosting the occasion, MES Project Manager Marica Vakacola talked to an attendant of 16 guests, 8 of whom were member of the kids club on coral planting and the importance of conducting this activity as being one of a notable conservation project. She also discussed with them how corals play a major role in sustaining and maintaining biological balance within the marine ecosystem.
There were a lot of questions and interest raised about turtles as many guests were very eager to know more about turtles. And the information’s presented to them about turtles as the Mamanuca group of islands host some of the common breeding grounds of the four species of sea turtles found in Fiji. This gave them a bit of more interest about returning to the magical islands in the years to come. Also part of the activity was Resort Manager Hiroshi and his family. It was an occasion of a difference as management, staffs and guests converge to be part of a positive program.
After the presentation, all guests were hosted to a coral planting demonstration before they were actually given chances to plant corals on the iron table. Many of them who were doing it for the first time, it was an additional experience to their short stay on the island and at the same time making it a memorable one. Not only were they part of an activity organized by the resort in partnership with MES, they get to give something back to the environment and also leaving behind good memories that will be cherished forever on the underworld surroundings of Mana.