Malolo Island Resort and South Sea Cruisers hosted the winner of the 2014 Radio Fiji One Mothers Day promotion.


The resort hosted the winners for two nights while South Sea cruisers provided the transfers.

Lucky winner Taina Waqa was elated with the win, and could not ask for anything more for mother’s day.


Accompanied by husband Erami Waqa the couple boarded the 3pm Tiger 4 bound for Malolo on 24th May.


Mrs Waqa said, that she could not believe she had won the promotion, as she had texted the answer and had forgotten about it, until the radio station called her husband to relay the good news.

‘Winning something like this is rare, luckily we had no commitments this weekend, but if there were commitments for this weekend, they would have to be cancelled” said and overjoyed Mrs Waqa.
The radio promotion lasted one month where MES was able to promote awareness on its turtle conservation project and at the same time the radio station were also promoting Malolo Island Resort and South Sea Cruisers.
MES would like to thank Malolo Island Resort for providing the accommodation and looking after the winners and also South Sea Cruisers for providing the transfers.