Five booths, draped in coconut leaves with ocean conservation messages lined up the white sandy beach of Malolo Island Resort to celebrate World Ocean and Environment Day on Friday June 5.

Organised by the Mamanuca Environment Society, the campaign was a huge success, leaving a lasting impression on the tourists who took part in the event.

The day started with the booth tour where each department showcased their role on how they help in the conservation of the marine and terrestrial environment.

The guests were given the task to act as judge and to determine the top booth of the day.

The Maintenance and Engineering Department was voted the best based on their presentation on how they replaced the old system of flushing all waste water into the sea by treating it on the island and used it as recycled water.

Underwater Clean-up was next on the agenda where selected staff took part in the clean-up of the reef around the resort.

Litter such as wood, metal, broken glass bottles and pieces of cloth were found on the reefs.

The event ended with an activity named Trash-line Game where guests were made to assess on the numbers of years it took for a certain waste to decompose back into the environment.

Mamanuca Environment Society Field Officer Soropepeli Seru who looks after conservation at Malolo Island Resort said the celebration was a success.

He said the presence of the media was a huge boost as “this would surely help relay the message of awareness in the Mamanuca and Malolo region and also to the whole of Fiji.

“ Malolo Island Resort knows the importance of protecting the pristine environment that they possess. It is clearly known that beautiful coral reefs are a very important part of the Tourism industry in Fiji; therefore it is very important to protect it,” Mr Seru said.

MES Project Manager Betani Salusalu said even though much of what is happening in the world today does not show it, we are totally dependent on the natural environment.

He said the whole world, particularly the developing countries, faces a near-crisis situation – both economic and environmental.

“We cannot afford to destroy the Earth systems. They’re critical to maintain in a healthy ecosystem- a key piece of life. In general, they are our life-support system.”

Mr Salusalu said our very existence depends on conservation of the environment.

“The Earth is alive just like you and me; it needs to be clean and healthy and maintain in a sustainable manner. We challenge everyone to take a role in cleaning the environment. We caused the problem, but we can also fix it.”

“Global warming is a reality due to pollution caused by humans and its development. It is not some myth thought of to scare us into becoming “green.” You see the effects of it every day in extreme weather and disrupted ecosystems. It is time for us to do something,” says Mr Salusalu.