A joined celebration to mark the World Ocean and World Environment Day was organized at Malolo Island Resort. A power point presentation on the importance of the two significant global events, themes and why it is being celebrated at a small island resort was conducted by MES staff, Filomena Serenia.
The event was attended by both kids and adults, who took part in learning about the interconnectivity between oceans and land environments. The highlight of the day was the coral planting, where most guests were witnessing for the first time corals propagated in such a manner for coral reef restoration and planted 33 corals. With the assistance of the Subsurface dive team, Malolo house reef was cleaned and all rubbish sighted was picked, taken on land and disposed of properly. Later at noon, fifteen children and adults took part mangrove planting at the nearby mangrove patch which was thoroughly enjoyed by all.
The day culminated with certificate presentation for guests that participated in the activities in appreciation for their efforts towards the restoration and protection of our oceans and environments. MES would like to thank the Malolo Island Resort staff and management for a successful celebration and look forward to future collaboration with member resorts in their future environment programs.