A visiting family from Sri Lanka was on the island of Likuliku and was very interested with the work MES is engaged with.

Spending their holidays on the island also gave them the time to get an insight on Likuliku’ s dry littoral forest as well as the island settings.

MES had a great opportunity to work with the family who owns and manage Jetwing Resort Company.

Jetwing as its very essence is a family owned Sri Lankan company. The family was very interested on the activities including projects that the society currently engaged with.
The presentation was facilitated on behalf of the team by Mesulame Tora, MES attaché’. It was held in the resort board room. The visiting family was very keen to learn more about preserving the environment and has been always part of their objective in helping them establish a healthy tourism company.
They had every particular reasons of knowing some of the effort that has been put in place by the society who have worked together to preserve the islands surroundings.
“Everything here; the climate, the surrounding as well as the food is just the same of what we have back at home,” said Hiran who is also the chairman of the family’s business.
He added that the interesting part of the presentation was that they were able to get some ideas and how it can be implemented to either side of the group to benefit the work and business that both parties conduct. The family is about to build another hotel as a new inclusion to their list of properties and the presentation was just timely in a positive way. As part of the outcome, they were very interested in coral planting, a process which they just came to know during the presentation.
Hiran mentioned that they were looking into practicing the same project on their resorts as part of their conservation work.