A Chinese proverb stated and quotes:

“The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago. The next best time is now”.


The International Day of Forest was celebrated in a delightful way at Likuliku Lagoon Resort.


For two couples that were spending their holidays on the resort, the activity that was organised to commemorate the event not only enabled them to engage in an environment endeavour, but was more of a lifetime souvenir in which they came to leave behind on the peaceful lovely island of Likuliku.

A tree planting initiative was scheduled by the resort management to mark the celebration. Tomasi Turukawa, the resort Activities and Marine Manager explained to the guests the importance of the event, especially as there was a great need to plant and regenerate native trees on the outskirt dry forest of Likuliku.


A total of 35 trees were planted along the gully.

The dry setting of Likuliku littoral forest provides good and capable habitats for Fiji’s banded iguanas and many more native creatures.  The activity in which four guests and four staff participated, contributed significantly to the availability of their natural home. Native trees have proven a lot of worth in protecting the terrestrial ecosystem and providing permanent habitats for most wildlife.

Shaun and Julie Moulds were very grateful to be part of the program.

Yvonne and Michel Lewandowski were amazed that such initiative were being emphasized on the resort. “We are so grateful and more than happy to participate in such activity as this and to give something back to the resort and to the environment” said Mr Lewandowski.

All participating guests were very happy and confirmed that they are already looking forward to returning next year to come and check the trees that they have planted.

The activity ended in the evening with an environment presentation facilitated by MES followed by certificate presentation to guests thanking them for their participation.