I’Taukei Affairs Leadership and Management Workshop  in Solevu-

The Mamanuca Environment Society took the lead role on a Leadership and Management Workshop for the Tikina Malolo at Solevu Village on March 14 and 15.

Organized by the I’ Taukei Affairs Board and Institute of Applied Science (IASUSP), the program was intended to cover every province in Fiji.

And it targets community leaders such as the Turaga ni Yavusa, Turaga ni Mataqali, Liuliu ni Tokatoka and other leaders that exists within the village.

The main objective of the workshop was to train leaders to acquire good leadership and management skills-to positively impact community daily living.

Malolo District is compromised of  four villages-Yanuya, Tavua, Yaro and Solevu Village.

MES-represented by Field Officer Soropepeli Seru was invited to speak on the projects and programs the orgainsation runs in-sync with the district.

Mr Seru stressed the importance of proper management and good leadership in the community could control people influence on various environmental laws that are put into place by the government.

“An example was about protecting the marine endangered species. Since Turtles is a totem to the village of Yanuya, if the Chief of Yanuya possesses good leadership, he would be able to protect the species that is their totem by controlling his people. In other words it would mean that they are protecting their customs and traditions, at the same time conserving the population of Turtles.

“Nowadays, community leaders with lack of management and leadership skills would find it hard to control its people in terms of customs and traditions conservation and as well as the protection of the Fijian bank of life, the natural resources,” her said.

It was also agreed by the village leaders for a formation of an environment committee within the village which will work closely with MES in future to deal with every environmental issue that arises.

This is part of the village’s community management and leadership plan for the future to help leaders control environmental issues.

Fiji Locally Managed Area rep Semisi Meo said good leadership and management skills acquired by a leader will benefit the people, land and sea, and its natural resources.

“Without good leadership and management, people, land, sea and natural resources will be affected. Resources are threatened because of poor decision making and poor management by traditional leaders.

“When there is good management and leadership in a community, this will surely reflect on the status of natural resources as it will be utilized sustainably,” added Mr Meo.

Men of Solevu village participating in the workshop discussions

A workshop participant presenting to the group.