The United Nation Development Programme (UNDP) resident representative, Knut Ostby, has applauded the Fijian Government’s formulation of the Republic of Fiji National Climate Change Policy.

This was part of his presentation when delivering the keynote speech at the National Climate Change Summit in Labasa yesterday.

“I take this opportunity to congratulate the Fiji Government in the formulation of the Republic of Fiji National Climate Change Policy this year,” Mr Ostby said.

“The policy provides a platform for co-ordination among sectors, and direction on national positions and priorities regarding climate change mitigation and adaptation.”

The UNDP, he said had supported the Fiji Government for this great achievement, and was happy to continued with its support for other climate change-related and environment activities to date.

The Deputy Conservator of Forests, Eliki Senivasa, sent out a strong message at the summit yesterday when he said: “Stop cutting trees; plant trees”.

Forest conservation he said was essential for the maintenance of essential ecological processes and life supporting systems.

“Preservation of diversity of species and ensuring it helps in the social and economic development of nation forests confer a variety of benefits both,” Mr Senivasa said.

The following are the advantages and necessities of forest conservation.


  • Forest conservation supports life on Earth
  •  It maintains the quality of water and air, the basic essentials of existence of life;
  • Stability in soil is possible by trees, enables the land-based plants and animals to live
  •  From their biodiversity grows wealth in the form of food, medicines, essential for human health
  •  It acts as carbon sinks absorbing carbon dioxide and keeps global warning at bay
  •  Forests influence climate and reduce extremes of temperature. They conserve soil and regulate moisture and stream flow. They prevent soil erosion and floods
  • Forests also supply raw materials to so many industries like pulp-paper, news print; saw milling, matches, and medicinal herbs

Forests are also sources of revenue to the Government in the form of royalty, from leases of forest products; and  It also provides employment to many people.


(SOURCE: Fiji Sun)