The zero death toll from the recent cyclone demonstrates the resilience by Fijians and the change in mindset towards cyclones and natural disasters.

Minister for Local Government, Urban Development, Housing and Environment Samuela Saumatua while officiating at Pacific Islands Climate Services Workshop on 22 January challenged participants to work out plan on how stakeholders can address climate change issues in the Pacific.

“With the input provide by the speakers and participants we will be able provide valuable insights on how climate and weather forecasting can help our nation and communities prepare for the considerable challenges of the next decade and century,” the Minister said.

“We are also reaching out to other stakeholders to see how we can raise to another level on preparedness to improve resilience,” Colonel Saumatua said.

He said the meeting allows government to improve its position in addressing climate change issues.

Meanwhile, the University of the South Pacific acting vice chancellor Doctor Esther Williams said the forum will provide a platform for the pacific to learn more about climate change.

“We need more information on climate change programs and how we can improve in disseminating information to the people,” Dr Williams said.

Dr Williams also highlighted that the University has included climates change programs in their strategic plan to better address this issues at tertiary level.