Commissioner Central Lt-Col Laisenia Tuitubou said they are aware that it is one of those times when opportunities are at work.


This was after an Initial Assessment team was deployed by DISMAC to assess cost of damages caused by flash floods that was experienced in the country.


He added that the disaster management office has a formula which they use to determine the exact costs, “We have a formula to determine the cost of damages on infrastructure, electricity, water and roads”. As part of the procedure, they do this by going out and collecting details and information’s on the extent of the damages and liaising with other ministries like the Agriculture to confirm the amount of damage.

The formula will not allow anyone cheat the law and gain from the depressesion by claiming for damages incurred before the disaster. “It’s at these times that many claims blow out of proportion on their cost damages” said Tuitubou.

However, he states that majority of damage was felt by farmers on their crops and they expect that to cost a lot.

March 02 2014
By Vuniwaqa Bola-Bari.

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