MES with its ongoing Turtle Conservation project facilitating a two day workshop which was held at Yanuya Village on the 23rd and 24th of September, 2010. Present at the workshops are Department of Fisheries, Department of Environment, Fiji Island Maritime & Safety Authority (FIMSA), Department of Forestry and non-government organization including National Trust of Fiji and Conservation International. Also part of this workshop is our key stakeholder’s representatives from the four villages that make up the Mamanuca communities.
The purpose of this workshop is to review the draft Community-Based Management Plan for the protection of sea turtles in the Mamanucas. The workshop involved group discussions between government and local communities sharing their knowledge and ideas towards a common interest. It was very encouraging to note that participants contributed well throughout the discussion and reviewing of the document. Some of the changes that were highlighted is the prohibited of harvesting and selling of the endangered species in the region under the Fiji’s Endangered Species Act. Community participants fully agreed and endorsed to ban the use of destructive fishing gears in the Mamanucas.
The above mentioned Management Plan will be forwarded to the “Bose ni Tikina Ko Malolo” for verification before the final endorsement done by the Gone Turaga Tui Lawa. This however, will enable the whole communities to be informed, thus, involving them towards these worthwhile Turtle Conservation initiatives.