Cloud 9 a newly joined member to the society had its first site inspection on 7th July. Cloud 9 with a restaurant and sun deck areas on a floating pontoon on Ro Ro reef is one of its kind, with a unique set up, compared to the usual resort properties inspected by the MES team. With a few selected area of work, the site inspection was completed by Marica Vakacola – MES Project Manager in a short time.

Site inspection is a significant tool of identifying potential and existing environmental degradation that co-exist in an area of work. The main objective of site inspection is identifying and systematically assessing solid and liquid waste management practices by the resort in compliance with the environmental laws, rules and regulation of Fiji. The area in particular, either newly opened for business or it is an ongoing business. For ongoing businesses site inspections is a form of follow ups to check on prior violation. Mamanuca Environment Society normally conducts the environmental compliance inspection to its member resort twice in a year.

The inspection is conducted using a pre-determined form. From the observations done on site using the inspection form, a site inspection report is compiled for the property. Through the inspection, areas of departmental operations that may have potential threats to the environment are highlighted using the ‘traffic light system’ when reporting. Amber is classed as a routine observation and no corrective action is needed. Green is classified as notable observations which have potential impact on the environment and corrective action may not be implemented so quickly. Red observations is at risk whereby immediate responses and corrective action to be implemented as soon as possible.

MES will continue to work with member resorts on full environment compliance and will continue to support members in achieving that goal.

Cloud 9 Fiji