International Day for Biological Diversity and World Turtle Day was celebrated by Castaway Island Resort on Thursday the 22nd of May.

International Day for Biological Diversity is marked annually on the 22nd of May, while World Turtle Day is marked annually on 23rd May.


The International Day for Biological Diversity focuses on Island Biodiversity, a theme well suited to an island such as Castaway Island Resort.

An island famous for its tourist attractions, the surrounding near-shore marine areas constitute unique ecosystems which provide life support for many plant and animal species. “These ecosystems are irreplaceable treasures”.
One such ecosystem is the marine ecosystem – home to sea turtles. Sea turtle populations have decreased drastically over the decades, from poor fishing methods, killing and poaching of their eggs, pushing them to a verge of extinction. With global combined efforts to prevent this phenomenon, World Turtle Day hopes to bring to attention the plight of sea turtles and to increase knowledge and respect for one of the world’s ancient species.
For Castaway Island Resort, a program was put together to mark the importance of these two events. The day was started with a presentation based on the two events which was conducted by a MES staff. In the presentation, participants were briefed on the importance of protecting sea turtles that play a vital role in our world’s biodiversity.
With World Turtle Day focusing on both Sea Turtles and Tortoises. Castaway Island Resort focused on sea turtles as Fiji and its many small islands and cays are nesting and foraging sites for sea turtles. The current Mamanuca Turtle Conservation Project was also part of the presentation, highlighting the current work conducted by the society.
Ten kids who were part of the Castaway Kids Club participated by drawing, writing and painting about Turtles and Biodiversity. The celebration was concluded with the usual environment presentation on which there was a good turnout of guests.
Castaway Island Resort looks forward to being part of future world environment marked events and also contribute to the global effort of Protecting our Biodiversity.