Two MES member resorts, Castaway Island Resort and Mana Island Resort and Spa took time out to celebrate World Environment Day and World Oceans Day which is marked annually on 5th and 8th June respectively.

Castaway Island Resort in-house guests took part in the organized activities to show their support for these two important days. The programs started at 10.00am with all interested guests gathered at the main lounge and make a pledge for the environment, followed by a tour on the glass bottom boat for coral viewing.

The PowerPoint presentation was scheduled for 11:15am at the main lounge but unfortunately none of the guests attended the presentation. The prepared power point presentation highlighted the importance of the day and the importance of protecting our Environment and our Ocean and the real threats of Climate Change.

Next on the program was the Trash line game. The trash line game is played by giving a guess on the amount of years it takes for a type of litter to decompose. Rubbish is sorted to their right types and guests are given a chance to peg the heap of rubbish according to the correct years it takes that particular type of rubbish to decompose. The number of years may be carved on or written on pieces of wood. This game serves as a reminder the participants that improper waste disposal. Mostly kids were part of this game.

Medicine walk was also part of Castaway’s celebration. Fifteen guests took part in the medicine walk around the resort, where the tour guide identifies plants and explains on its medicinal use.

The program was ended with the usual PowerPoint presentation at 9.15pm where 39 guests attended the presentation.

But before the presentation, a short role play was put on by the Kids Club. The play was based on reducing carbon emission and the role of the environment in ensuring the production of pure healthy oxygen for human kind.



Mana also showed their support on the celebration with a very simple activity organized to mark the day.


It was a half day program which started at 1.00pm with a briefing to the guests about the importance of the day and major activities of the program.

Coral planting was the major activity with ten guests taking part. A total of 40 corals were planted and after the coral planting, the program continued with beach cleanup on the north beach. Guests were surprised to see that litter such as plastic bottles, Styrofoam, plastic bags and pieces of cloths were picked from the beach. These are the types of litters that harm and destroy the environment as they take many years to decompose.

After the activities, all guests were treated to a light refreshment. The guests were thanked on their efforts and time for taking part in this important celebration. The celebration at Mana concluded with the awarding of Certificates to the guests for appreciation of their participation in this important event.



MES would like to thank the two resort and most importantly the guests who took time away from their holiday to give back to our Environment and Ocean.