The 6th of June marks a very important world marked event World Ozone Day. This celebration was at Castaway Island Resort with the involvement of guests, staff and most importantly our Eco-club members from Mana SDA School. We were honored to be invited by the Vice President, Corporate Communication, Outrigger Enterprises Group, Hawaii Bitsy Kelley to be part of this celebration.
The program started at 10.15am with an Introduction from our Marine Awareness & Education Officer, Filomena Serenia about the importance of Ozone and also the establishment of the Eco-club project. There were 14 kids from the kids club that were part of the program, and it starts with the Coral planting activity whereby all kids and students from Mana SDA were involved. There were two methods of coral planting done one was the use of coral cookies, and the other was just tying of the fragments to the table provided. A total of 31 corals were planted and transferred into the reef on monkey rock side. Only four kids from kids club and students of Mana were involved in the transfer of the coral fragments. Then it was followed by the butterfly fish count where students were divided into groups with a butterfly fish slate each to identify and count the fish species. After lunch, the students of Mana SDA performed the CORAL REEF song which was the show of the day. Lots of guests and staff were there to witness such amazing talents from these young kids. This was followed by some gospel songs from students with none other then the head teacher Mr. Sefa Gauna showing his skills and experience in composing melodic music. Tree planting was the last activity of the fun-filled celebration with the involvement of kids from the kids club and also Mana SDA students. There were only two trees planted, and that is an Octopus bush flower and Vesi which was planted beside monkey rock and at Bure 9. According to Jessie Matai, MES trainee for the School Education program, the joined celebration was a great exposure for the community students and participating in coral planting is a learning experience that will be a practical component under Marine theme of the Eco club program.
The program ended with a speech from the General Manager of Castaway Island Resort Mr. Steven Andrews and the cutting of the Ozone cake. Last but not the least the weekly environment guest presentation was conducted by the Marine Awareness and Education officer Filomena Serenia. 30 guests attended the presentations who were informed on the environment projects and activities that MES and Castaway are engaged in.